Administration of Children’s Services, ACS, has a new Commissioner

Mayor Bill de Blasio appoints a commissioner of the Administration of Children’s Services

by Michelle Deal Winfield

(Pictured) NYPD Chief Robert K. Boyce, Commissioner of Administrtion of Children’s Services, David Hansell; Mayor Bill deBlasio, Deputy Mayor of Health and Human Services, Herminia Palacio

Recently, Gladys Carrion, Commissioner of the Administration of Children’s Services, ASC, resigned after the unfortunate death of a child under the jurisdiction of the agency. On February 21, 2017, Mayor de Blasio accepted the recommendation from Deputy Commissioner Herminia Palacio to appoint David A. Hansell, as the new Commissioner.

Mayor deBlasio said, “As a parent I know it takes passion and drive to tackle the worst challenges of humanity. ACS must find a way to look within families where there is substance abuse, violence and poverty to protect the city’s most vulnerable. It’s not easy. A person needs courage, strength and resourcefulness. David Hansell understands our mutual shared goal: Our job is to save every single child.”

David Hansell, a graduate from Yale Law School who worked in the former President Obama’s administration on the Senior leadership team at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He also brings managerial experiences and served in the New York City Department of Health, implementing programs for HIV services. Mr. Hansell said, “I am honored to lead ACS at this critical time. I plan to improve performance by building on what ACS has started. I respect the work of Commissioner Gladys Carrion and will continue what’s working. When I resume my responsibilities, I plan to do the following:

1)Review the Child Stat Program, 2)Identify the collaboration model with the NYPD,  3)         Establish a metric based model for accountablilty, 4) Provide staff training, 5) strengthen parenting skills, 6) Provide protection for ACS employees during parental contacts, 7) Employ an evidenced-based model (methods practiced and tested, some from other areas); 8) Eliminate systematic problems, and  9) Provide support to children that have experienced trauma.

Mayor deBlasio reassured Commissioner Hansell, “By April there will be 100 additional case workers at ACS. This will reduce the case worker ratio. We are calling on other agencies to partner with ACS to protect all New Yorkers. All leaders must be responsible by calling 311 to report suspected abuse. If you fear a child is in need – pick up the phone.

The Commissioner Hansell pledged, “This is an important opportunity I could not refuse. I will do everything in my power to improve performance at ACS.”


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